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Hey, I'm

Kefan Cao


I'm a software engineer currently working on making videos play smoothly at X (previously Twitter).

I love building and have worked in various industries.

👨🏻‍⚕️ I've worked at Inlcuded Health, a healthcare tech startup that helps guide patients to the right care and service clients like Google, Citi bank, and more 🏥. I helped build the transactional notifications platform for them 📩.

📊 I've worked at Terrace.fi, a crypto brokerage based in New York City 🗽 that's revolutionizing crypto for institutional investors. I designed an algorithm to help route orders as efficiently as possible to reduce costs for users.

💰 I've worked at Capital One, I won first place in an enterprise wide hackathon 🏆 with an idea that utilizes machine learning to improve software observability.

📶 I've also worked at Cisco where I reduced certain component's network connection speed by more than 50%.

🚆 At Waterloop (Hyperloop team), I created their self-testing platform which allowed engineers to verify all things electrical on the hyperloop pods

📧 Shoot me an email if my experiences interests you! hello@kefancao.com

Technical Skills






My Experiences

I designed the email notifications system and made possible scheduled email notifications for things like appointment reminders, billing reminders, and more. I also designed a golang service that ingest healthcare record data and identify potential patients for outreach.

I worked on the trading engine and designed an algorithm to fill large orders at the best prices possible. I integrated the Binance API to enable real-time orderbook streaming and trading capabilities through Binance. I created APIs to provide gas cost estimates for execution at various levels of speed.

I worked with a team of staff and distinguished engineers to pioneer software observability in the Capital One Canada studio. I regularly met with the CTO of Capital One Canada, the department heads, and various other stakeholders to discuss observability solutions and architecture. Related to my work, I proposed a machine learning enabled software observability solution that won first place in an enterprise wide hackathon where more than 50 teams and 300 engineers participated.

At Cisco, I worked on the encapsulation side of a Ip-in-Ip tunneling solution. While working on this primary project, I was able to reduce the connection speeds of a traffic generator by more than 50%.

At Waterloop, I built a self testing platform. I designed a system using embedded C that allows electrical engineers to get voltage readings, current readings, etc, of the hyperloop pods through a command line interface.

I worked as a system integration coordinator here where I took the initiative to develop a automatic report building system that allowed the company to generate quarterly employee reports in seconds. A task that previously took weeks of manual labour to do.

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